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My Workout

My Workout

By on May 25, 2013 in Android, Products |

Turn your phone into a workout logbook!

My Performance is a workout application, transforming your smartphone into a logbook. My Performance is adapted for all of your routines, be it bodybuilding, weight training, cardio, or bodyweight training (push-up/press-up, pull up, abs).

My Performance’s interface is designed to let you focus on your workout only : timer, exercises informations, workout informations are all displayed to free your mind during your workout session.

Create all your routines, all your workouts days then log your performances with the interface, and follow your progress through the graph, created according to your notes.

My Performance was designed to be the most easy to use workout application on the market, as users have highlighted.
Why My Performance is the easiest to use workout application :

  • Best user interface for performances log, with 4 types of log : reps, weight, time and distance
  • Overview of monthly performances, and overview of the routines, workouts and exercises
  • Easy to switch  between routines, workout and the exercises
  • Smart graph to follow the evolution
My Performance

My Workout


How My Performance works

  1. Create your routine and set the workout days. Then for each workout, add the corresponding exercises with their set timer.
  2. Do your workout helped with the workout interface to log your performances (order, timer…).
  3. Track your performances in the performances interface.
  4. Follow your progress with the graph of your performances.
  5. Create other routines or workout to improve yourself.
  6. Take picture of the evolution of your body, to see your abs more and more ;)

Give My Performance a try, and you won’t ever do workout without this application!




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