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My Word Book

My Word Book

By on May 25, 2013 in Android, Products |

Turn your phone into a notebook!

• Turn your phone into an indexed notebook!

My Word Book will transform your phone into an A-Z indexed notebook. My Word Book will keep all the vocabulary (word, sentence…) you want to learn. You can imagine My Word Book as an alphabetical notebook.

The application will help you for your school or your job. Smart people have large and varied vocabulary : the application will help you to improve it.

• Learn new vocabulary
My Word Book is an alphabetical notebook. All your vocabulary (word or sentence) will be classified among the corresponding indexes. You can set a theme, an author or an example to complete them.

• Learn foreign languages
My Word Book is specially designed for those who are learning foreign languages. You can easily track the vocabulary in the application : the flag of the country will appear next to it (english, french, spanish, latin…).

You can display vocabularies of one specific languages only, or display them on the homescreen widget.

• Don’t forget your favourite quotes
My Word Book has one index fully destined to keep quotes from your favourites autors. You’ll always need its !

• How My Wordbook works
- Simply add and complete a vocabulary inside the application. My Word Book will classify and sort it.
- Browse the application to share or remind your vocabularies.

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