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Idea Factory

Idea Factory

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Manage your projects !

This application has been designed of the perspective of a project manager, to facilitate the project management as much as possible. The user interface has been developed to have easily a global view of all elements of the project.

• Project management
With Idea Factory, you can manage multiple projects. A project is divided into several modules (name, description, priority, deadline…) to facilitate the management of your project.

A module represents a feature of your project, like the database or the notifications management. As work proceeds, smaller modules will be grafted with the request of users. The application is designed to handle all functionalities.

• Follow the progress of your projects
You can enable notifications for your modules, to receive alerts when a deadline is approaching.
Moreover, standards functionalities such as sorting, filtering, or display are of course present.

• Why this application
From a personal perspective, I developed this application for myself. Because I’m receiving too much requests from users, I needed a way to store the demands in a better solution than a word book. Therefore, I created this application to facilitate the management of all my projects.

• An application in a constant evolution
This application is adapted for IT projects, but was conceived to be as general as possible, to fit all type of projects. If you have suggestions for improving this application to be compatible with other types of projects, please send me an mail.

Project management application

Project management application

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